Thursday, 30 July 2015

Sing a song of sixpence

While working on supply I've come to notice that many of us have become stuck in a rut with our song times - singing the same songs over and over (Twinkle Twinkle being a prime culprit!)

This leaves me wondering WHY? There are so many wonderful songs out there, many of the traditional ones and classics have been forgotten! I spoke to my cousin and very good friend Emma who is a fantastically talented and passionate music teacher and she reminded me of some of the wonderful songs that we were taught as children. 
Following this I have decided to made a list of some of my favourites!

Before I begin, here are a few tips for an enjoyable and engaging song time:

  1. This is important - you DO NOT have to be a fantastic singer to lead or take part in song time with the children. All you need is enthusiasm!
  2. Some children wont want to join in, but don't worry, even just through listening they are hearing rhyming words, intonation and patterns.
  3. Add instruments. For the children who don't enjoy singing, they can still be engaged through shaking, beating or blowing.
  4. Explore rhythm, pitch and speed. How funny to sing a familiar tune extra fast and high, or super slow and in a low voice.
  5. Get moving. I don't know about you but when I'm enjoying my music I can't help but bob along and have a little boogy. It's the same for the children plus the fact that they are big balls of energy. Don't fight a losing battle by trying to keep them still; find some space and explore  musical movement.

Song time inspiration:

Click to view (Videos from YouTube - I can't take any credit)

There are so many more and if I was to list them I'd be here all day!
Remember that singing and music has a huge variety of benefits for children including confidence and stress relief as well as literacy and numeracy development. It can be an important part of the children's day and routine, but if you're bored, they will be too.

If there are any songs that you really enjoy, share with your children or loved as a child yourself - please comment or tweet to me at @EarlyYearsIdeas

Have fun!

Bonus - Rod, Jane and Freddy song about nursery rhymes (I used to love them when I was little!)

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